Frito-Lay Recalls Two Products Because of Potential Salmonella…Find Out Which Ones!

We’re Careful With Our Meat and Dairy, But We Never Dreamed Potato Chips Would Be Affected!

It seems that food recalls are becoming increasingly common, whether that’s because there are more potentially dangerous contamination issues, or companies are just realizing them sooner and being more proactive about issuing warnings before a large number of people become ill. We usually think of food recalls having to do with something like meat, especially when it concerns a bacteria like salmonella.

However, this latest salmonella-related recall concerns….potato chips, of all things! That’s right, we couldn’t believe it either. It’s actually not the chips themselves that are the problem, but the seasoning used by the manufacturer, Frito-Lay, which bought the seasoning from another supplier. The recall includes just two products, but it’s still pretty scary.

To learn more about this recall and what you should do if you have either of the affected products, please continue to Next Page (>) for the details.

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