Fully Loaded Cabbage Rolls

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I love this recipe so much. I now make the best cabbage rolls in my family! And believe me when I tell you that is quite the accomplishment! The dill and the bay leaves add such a beautiful flavour. I had to give full marks for the easiness and quickness rating because this recipe is worth the time and effort and really does not take any longer to prepare than any other cabbage roll recipe.

I think this is one of the best recipes that I have had for cabbage rolls for years. My partner and friends all loved it as well. They couldn’t stop raving about it!

Of course like any recipe for cabbage rolls it does take a while, but is well worth the time.

I was able to feed 4 adults and still had enough left to freeze for a couple of weeks from now.

Marrying into a Polish family, I was scared to make cabbage rolls, but these were easy to do, and were delicious. I think the savoy cabbage makes these. It is so easy to wrap the filling into, and tastes great. I did add a little brown sugar and worstishire sauce to my sauce, and my hubby raved about them. Even impressed the father-in-law.

This Fully Loaded Cabbage Rolls recipe is one of the best quick dinner recipes you can make ahead in time for busy weeknights. Just freeze them and reheat in the oven whenever you are ready to eat. The delicious stuffing for the cabbage leaves is made with rice and beef mixture and then baked until they come out juicy and tender from the oven. It is impossible not to drool over these easy dinner rolls! This recipe is one of the easy cabbage recipes and healthy too as cabbage has all the essential nutrients like B vitamins, potassium, and dietary fiber. In the place of rice, you can also use other ancient grains like buckwheat, quinoa or couscous in this recipe. You can also add feta or cheddar cheese to these easy dinner rolls. You can, by all means, make these rolls meatless by adding vegan ground meat if you like. Try these healthy and hearty cabbage rolls recipe today!


1 large green cabbage, frozen overnight to soften the leaves

1 large onion, cut into pieces
4 garlic cloves
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