Grace Your Plate With Green Bean And Sour Cream Casserole

Serve up something extra special for Thanksgiving dinner this year.
When it comes to green bean casserole my family often runs to the dinner table. I think we like the green bean casserole better than the turkey during Thanksgiving haha! Oh, and the stuffing. You can’t forget about the stuffing. Today, we are going to look at a recipe for green bean casserole that drifts away from the traditional version a bit. If you like sour cream and cheddar cheese you are going to LOVE this casserole.
When I made this version of green bean casserole last year I used canned green beans from my garden. I swear, using produce from your own hard work tastes so much better than anything you could ever buy at the store. I hope you join me in making this yummy casserole!

Green bean casserole is the highlight of Thanksgiving dinner, well, it is at my house, anyway. I love using my grandma’s traditional recipe but this year I wanted to put a new spin on things. So, I took to the internet to find the perfect green bean casserole recipe and I think I’ve found one. This recipe uses sour cream and cheese in the mix and it couldn’t taste any better if it tried.
Check out what my pals over at The Meaning Of Pie had to say about this recipe:
So, know that you may also make this with Swiss cheese, as Betty did, and you may also top it with crushed corn flakes. Betty rarely has a bad idea. The fact that this is in the neighborhood of one of her recipes probably means you should try it.
I LOVE Swiss cheese so I am definitely going to try it instead of cheddar at some point. How about you?

2 pounds fresh green beans, trimmed and rinsed (or haricot verts)
2 tablespoons Kerrygold unsalted butter
2 tablespoons Gold Medal flour
1 teaspoon Morton salt

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