Grandma’s Creamed Corn Casserole – Perfect For Those Holiday Meals

When it comes to holiday foods I am all ears…and stomach!
I love preparing the side dishes for Thanksgiving and Christmas spreads. This baked corn casserole is a real delight to have sitting on your dinner table. You have so many textures going on within the casserole such as creaminess, crunchiness, and those amazing little kernels of corn that seem to pop in your mouth as you eat them. Yummy!
This baked corn casserole is one of my husbands favorite holiday side dishes and my kids love it as well. I haven’t made it every year but I think I am going to start because whenever I leave it off the menu someone will always ask, “Where’s the corn casserole?” That’s not going to happen this year! So, just remember, if you plan on dining with us for the holidays this season you’ll be getting a hefty helping of this fabulous corn casserole on your plate ?

Recipe and photo courtesy Unsophisticook.

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