Grilled Cheese And Roast Beef Sandwiches: A Hearty Sandwich You Can Enjoy All Year-Round

There is a restaurant in town that makes a roast beef and cheese sandwich that I would do just about anything for. Not anything, but I don’t like passing by without grabbing one up. That was the case anyways, until I found this recipe on BigOven for grilled cheese with roast beef sandwiches. Holy fright! I could do this myself at home? I am a good cook… toot toot… and I love to do it, so I couldn’t wait to get into my favorite room and get to work. I whipped these together on a nice relaxing Saturday afternoon for the whole family.
I think I had to pass out napkins before sandwiches because everyone was drooling at both the site and smell of these scrumptious little morsels. Well, actually they aren’t little at all. These are nice hearty sandwiches that will fill up even the biggest appetite. My husband usually takes two, but one is plenty for me.
If I serve these with soup, even just a half a sandwich is enough sometimes, especially for a light lunch. When serving as a dinner item, I definitely am eating the entire thing all by myself. Try them for yourself. They are so simple. You will want to have the ingredients readily available at all times!

Recipe and photo courtesy of BigOven.

The recipe here is just for two sandwiches, so if you are feeding more than than, just be prepared to adjust your ingredients list. I like to do this on a nice big griddle so that I can do four or five at a time. My teenagers can’t get enough of these. Quite the difference from the ham and grilled cheese that I used to always make them when they were smaller. These are a lot more filling. A real man’s grilled cheese if you will. We have them all the time! Check out what they are saying about this recipe over at BigOven:
“Absolutely delicious. I loved this recipe from top to bottom. It was so good. Definitely making again! *i had tomato soup on the side*”
You can always leave the onions off if you wish, but I agree, this is amazing all the way through!

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