Grilled Mac and Cheese Sandwich: A Clever Combination of Two Classic Comfort Foods

So… what do you do when you’re craving for grilled cheese and mac and cheese but you can only have one of them? Yes, I know such things happen because it happens pretty often to me. What do I do? I combine them into this neat and easy grilled mac and cheese sandwich.

Pretty clever, huh? Just imagine biting into this toasty and buttery sandwich and getting a load of creamy and cheesy mac and cheese. I know this sandwich is loaded with carbs, but I don’t care, not if it takes me to comfort food heaven.

This grilled mac and cheese sandwich is a must for comfort food lovers, especially those who love cheese. It’s so easy to make this sandwich. You simply cook your bread in butter in a pan, slather the bread with mac and cheese, add a slice of more cheese, and wait until the sandwich is done. You can use your favorite mac and cheese recipe here. It would be a lot easier too if you’ve got leftover mac and cheese ready. This droolworthy recipe is from Nate of Wanna Bite.

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