Have You Ever Wanted KFC’s Macaroni Salad Recipe? Here’s The Secret!

Graduation season was upon us. Thankfully, this year, I don’t have any children leaving school. It’s so much work to plan a party. I’ve done it twice already, and I have one more to go, but not for another year. My sister on the other hand, is working on her third one in a row. Poor girl. She had all her kids very close together. At this point, I think she is something of a pro when it comes to setting up her parties. She has learned that she can just make her own foods for a lot cheaper than catering.
I know how hard it is though, so I offered to make something to help out. She requested a macaroni salad, as she thought she had everything else covered. That was actually perfect for me. I had just seen a recipe on Group Recipes for mac salad that I wanted to try.
After tossing it all together, I had to try a bite to see how it was, then I had to have a whole bowl! Whoa was it good. I actually whipped up another batch to add to the bowl so we could be sure to have enough to go around!

There were so many people at the party that asked how much it cost to get the large bowl of KFC mac salad. When I told them that I made it myself, they were shocked. With BBQ season also approaching, they all wanted a copy so that they could make and take it with them to their various functions over the summer. I was more than happy to share, and more than thrilled with all the positive feedback I got. Check out what they are saying about this recipe over at Group Recipes:
“Oh yum – this mac salad is a winner…”
You can use this macaroni salad in place of your old one from here on out.

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