Hobo Packet Cheesy Fries

I lived with my mom growing up, and so having grilled food wasn’t something that happened regularly. While, my grandparents had a grill, I mainly remember having salmon like once or twice a year from said grill. It was always very yummy.

When I met my ex in high school, I learned a lot about food that I didn’t know. Most of it was “how not to prepare food.” His parents were awful cooks. I was used to flavor. They seemed to hate it. One interesting thing that I did learn and like were hobo packets that they’d make up on the grill.

They called them hobo packets. It was either baking parchment paper or foil that they’d use on a grill. They’d stuff them with all sorts of things, but it was usually veggies and potatoes in some fashion. I learned about these 10 years ago, and it’s cool to see them floating around the Internet. Enjoy this hobo packet cheesy fries recipe! I know we did.

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