Holiday Pie Baking Just Got EASIER With This No-Fail Crust Recipe

Who here is looking for an easy homemade pie crust recipe?

I’m sure that would be all of you. I don’t know about you guys and gals but I personally hate how long it takes to make a pie crust. You have to mix all the ingredients, form the dough, mess with it for a few minutes, then wrap and let it rest for who knows how long. THEN, you have to roll it out on your countertop, which leaves a mess, put it into your pie pan, and prebake before filling it. That’s a lot of hassle! Welp, you find any of that labor-intensive hubbub with this recipe.

Pat a Pan pie crust is a very easy crust to make and you can get it done rather quickly in comparison to other crust recipes. You whip up all your ingredients and transfer them directly to the pie plate.

This method is so easy and lets you immediately fill the crust with your pie filling. No prebaking! I know you folks will enjoy this pie crust recipe as much as I do. Happy baking!

Pie making doesn’t have to be a daunting task. in fact, it can be quite easy! When you follow this “pat a pan” pie crust recipe you don’t have to roll out any dough or make a mess on your counter. You simply, as the name suggests, pat the dough into the pie pan and fill with your favorite pie filling! You don’t even have to prebake this crust. Isn’t that awesome? This is the perfect pie crust to make when preparing multiple pies for a bake sale. It definitely saves you a ton of time in the kitchen. I think that is a wonderful thing, don’t you?

I love that you don’t have to deal with a doughy mess on the countertop! My kiddos did indeed help “pat a pan” when making this pie crust.



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