Homemade Chicken Tenders

You can absolutely do anything with it! You can fry it and make your own personal favorite dips for it (I particularly love tartar sauce and garlic mayo). You can put in pasta dishes to balance the richness of the sauce. You can roast it, you can braize it, you can bake it—anything! The only thing to learn in cooking chicken is the technique. In every dish, there needs to be a different technique to achieve the desired flavor of the meat. For example, when frying chicken, you have to make sure that the oil is hot enough for it to be cooked well. Or when you make chicken with any sauce, you have to allow chicken the ample time to absorb the flavor, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be saturated with said flavor that you can’t taste the chicken anymore.
One of my favorite childhood chicken recipes is chicken fingers. They’re easier to eat than fried chicken; they tend to be more tender and more convenient to chew on because they’re boneless.
But what I love most is the dip that always comes with it. Ironically, the dip makes the fried piece of chicken less rich for me even if it makes it more flavorful. This chicken finger recipe from Food Network gives chicken that old taste and at the same time gives it that new flavor that everyone will enjoy munching on it.

Chicken fingers are good for huge parties. They’re easy to prepare, easy to make, and they make for good finger food. You can also bring them to picnics. They’re handy to eat. You don’t need forks or spoons or even plates. You can just snatch one with your fingers and nibble on it while dipping it to the special sauce. Both my family and friends loved it. They loved the combination of the chicken and the sauce. They also loved that they could do other things while eating them.
It’s a dish you can enjoy even while you’re multitasking.
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