Hop On Over To The Dinner Table For The Tastiest Wings You’ve Ever Had!

Worth Every Extra Napkin You’ll Use Along The Way.

I am one of those women who believe in equality between the two sexes in the society. We live in a modern world now where females can do a lot of things that males can. However, there are times when I am also not ashamed to admit that females do use their womanly wiles to get what they want. We can’t help, it, can we? We have this natural charm that just makes the men in our lives succumb to our wishes. Alex is one of those who usually use her charm to get something from her husband. Alex’s husband is a good cook. It’s not his profession, but rather his hobby.

He grew up with his mother teaching everyone in the family how to cook so he really knows a lot of dishes. Alex told me that whenever she is craving for her husband’s honey mustard chicken, she would always beg him, in that cute and sweet way of hers, to make him agree. Alex was asked by the doctor to stop eating chicken for a while because of an allergy she developed, but she couldn’t stop herself. Her husband couldn’t even say no when she started to sound sweet.

“The itching was worth it,” she always told me. And I couldn’t blame her. Her husband’s chicken recipe is to die for! And I found a similar one which I could share with you.

How do you love eating your chicken wings? These honey mustard wings are a winner that you might not actually care how you will eat them.

My friends love eating them with beer though. And if some of them are hungry, they eat these wings with rice or even bread. However you will eat them though, they still taste really good! The good thing about this recipe is that you can adjust the ingredients based on your preferred taste. It will not crumble down if you simply like to make it spicy, for example. This meal can also serve as a complete meal and not just as an appetizer. You can just serve this over rice and voila, you have got yourself a full meal.
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