Hop On The Dinnertime Express Straight To El Dorado Beef Casserole St.

The other day my friendly neighbor Sally came trotting over with a visible casserole dish in her hands.

I immediately got excited because Sally is always making my family delicious food to eat. She’s a wonderful neighbor with a huge heart. I remember one time I fell very ill and Sally made us meals for an entire week. That’s just the type of lady she is. So anyway, back to the dish she had in her hands…

Sally had made my family and I this lovely little dish called “El Dorado beef casserole. This stuff is a layered mess of yumminess that includes ground beef, tomato sauce, tortilla chips, and cheese! it’s like a taco and burrito met and fell in love.

So, after chatting for a moment Sally handed me the dish and my kids and I chowed down on the goodness that was placed before us. We used sour cream and salsa as condiments. Yum!

I don’t know about you guys and gals but I’m a mega fan od Mexican-inspired foods. This El Dorado beef casserole is just that! It combines ground beef, tomato sauce, and lots of yummy cheese in a perfectly layered bake. I think I could make this for supper once a week and my family wouldn’t complain. My neighbor told me that she had found the recipe on Facebook. This doesn’t surprise me because Facebook is known for sharing amazing recipes.

I know that my children certainly enjoyed this casserole! It wasn’t too spicy for them.
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