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How To Become The Most Popular Person At Your Next Potluck

Don’t you love hearing love stories from your family and friends? If you ask me, I do. I mean I don’t like to hear all the cheesy details most especially if it involves the love story of my parents, but I love hearing the “how I met him” or “how I met her” stories. Since most of my friends have been in love with food first before they met their other halves, their love stories always begin with food.

Since this recipe that I will be sharing with you is a recipe for a creamy baked potato salad, Denny’s love story is the most appropriate introduction. Denny used to go to this certain hangout hub near their place when she was a teenager. It was a commercial center strip that has a lot of small restaurants on it.

Denny’s favorite was this family owned restaurant that served homemade food. Her favorite was the baked potato salad that’s so creamy and so cheesy that she didn’t want to leave after tasting it first. She has been a patron of said restaurant for years.

When she found out that it was the son who was making the baked potato salad, Denny decided she wanted to marry him. Well, she was able to. In fact, they’re expecting their first baby in a couple of months. To think it all started with her love for the baked potato salad!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Food.com.