How to Make a Super-Sized Grilled Cheese at Home

Do we even need to ask who among you loves grilled cheese? The more appropriate question is, who in their right mind doesn’t love grilled cheese? (Unless, of course, you can’t eat what goes into a grilled cheese — in which case, we’re sorry.)

Right, now that that’s all settled, let’s get to the big news: we’re about to make you love grilled cheese even more than you already do. Think that’s impossible? Think again.

Food & Wine’s resident hack genius, Justin Chapple, is showing us how to take your run-of-the-mill grilled cheese and super-size it. But you’re not just quadrupling the size of your average sandwich, you’re giving it a fun new twist that makes this a great dish for groups and parties!

We’ll give you a hint: the bread in this ginormous sandwich is actually dinner rolls. An entire package of dinner rolls, to be exact.

Still can’t guess what the twist is? Three words. Pull-apart grilled cheese.

Finished pull-apart grilled cheese.

Start by putting two baking sheets in the oven to heat up. You want them nice and hot even before you put any food on them to cook.

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