How to make easy ravioli lasagna


My family loves this !! But, I used beef filled ravioli, cottage cheese, shredded mozz. and cheddar cheese….great dish

not bad it was fast easy and almost like lasagna. its great if you want to make a nice meal but skip the work to make real lasagna.

Awesome for a quick & easy meal. Tasty! I have some spinach haters so I used some cokked zuchini instead. Loved it!

This was good, but it wasn’t spectacular. It could use a little tweaking – there needs to be something to zest it up a bit. It tasted a little on the bland side, but it didn’t keep me from clearing my plate.

this is good, but not great. Hubby was not impressed, but my child gave it a thumbs up. Would make again.

After reading the reviews, I made slight modifications. I used leftover pizza sauce instead of spaghetti sauce and thawed out the raviolis (I used italian sausage raviolis). I added parsley/garlic salt, oregano and a combination of romano/parmesan cheese to the spinach mix and baked in the oven for about 45-55 minutes. It came out fantastic!

This is a good base recipe, but definitely needs improvement based on personal tastes. I used my regular lasagna recipe, simply replacing the lasagna noodles with a mixture of beef and cheese ravioli, and it was delish. Based on some of the other reviews, I defrosted my ravioli in some water before layering it, and I think this step helps to avoid the rubbery/chewy/undone issues some people were having. If you leave the ravioli frozen, you definitely want to add more spaghetti sauce, because the ravioli needs moisture to cook properly. Made as written, I think it would be fairly dry. All in all this was a good meal, but with the added steps to make it awesome, it really isn’t any faster, cheaper, or simpler than making regular lasagna.

I thought it came out good my boys and hubby liked it l did follow some of the reviews by defrosting the ravioli (beef) before cooking I didn’t have spinach so I left that out but seasoned the ricotta mixture with larwry’s salt Mediterranean, garlic powder, minnced onion, black pepper, thyme and rosemary came out great may try with spinach next time


1 package (25 to 27 1/2 ounces) frozen beef-filled ravioli
24-ounce jar tomato pasta sauce
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