How To Make Stuffed Chicken Breasts ?

My husband had so nicely invited a couple of his co-workers and their wives over for dinner not too long ago. I am a stay-at-home mom and homemaker, so I’m pretty good at whipping together a dinner party on short notice, but I’m used to just friends and family. I had never had to entertain the people that he worked with before. That was kind of taking things to a different level.
I had to find something to cook that was going to be a little fancier than what I normally prepare, but what on Earth was it going to be? I grabbed a couple of old cooking magazines and one of them had this recipe for garlic, bacon and cheese stuffed chicken breasts that appeared to be close to what I was looking for. I think that a stuffed chicken breast always looks nice when made up properly. That’s what I decided on in the end, and they really were super simple to cook.

The guests arrived and I served a plated dinner of these, some garlic mashed potatoes, and some nice fresh steamed asparagus. Everyone finished what was on their plates, so I guess that means that I did okay! My husband couldn’t stop thanking me for doing such a good job. You’re very welcome, honey!

After a few days, my hubby came home from work and said that his buddies at work couldn’t stop talking about how good of a cook I was. Well, that was nice to hear. Nice to know that my husband is thinking of me at work too.

One of the wives even e-mailed me to see if she could get a copy of the recipe for an important dinner party that she had coming up. I’m always more than willing to help another lady out in the cooking department when she needs it!


4 (6 oz.) raw skinless boneless chicken breast

2 Tbsp Gold Medal all-purpose flour
1 Eggland’s egg

2 Tbsp egg whites
2.5 Tbsp bread crumbs
1.5 Tbsp finely grated parmesan cheese
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