These Tips Make Any Cookie Recipe Better!

Many of us have our own tips and tricks for making crispy or maybe ooey-gooey cookies, many of which were probably passed down to us by whomever taught us to cook. Other methods may have come from trial and error, or by watching our favorite celebrity chefs, reading food blogs or watching YouTube videos. However, it can sometimes still be a struggle to get the cookies to come out just right. This is especially true when everyone likes a different type of cookie. If one member of the household prefers their cookies thin and a little crispy, and someone else would rather have them soft, chewy or maybe thick and cake-like, it can be difficult to please everyone.

Until now, that is! We recently discovered a science-backed method for making perfect cookies that will please even the most diverse crowd. These are tried-and-true tips that are scientifically proven to work, and there’s something here for everyone, whether you prefer the soft and chewy texture of store-bought cookies, or you’d rather have yours a bit crispy or maybe slightly cakey.

For some of the best science-based suggestions on how to make absolutely perfect cookies every time, please continue to Page (2) for the full list.

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