How To Recreate A Classic Soup You’ll Want To Eat Every Day Of The Week

Two Words: Satisfaction Guaranteed!
What I’m about to show you now is one of the tastiest soups I have ever tried! Believe me; I’ve tried so many recipes over the years, I could start a soup restaurant of my own. During fall and winter I basically bury all of my other recipes and go for soups and stews only. And my whole family seems to be very happy about that!
I know we all have our favorite chicken noodle soup recipe. Maybe the one your mother or grandmother used to make, or the one you managed to get from your favorite diner. But when you’ve made the same recipe over and over again for years, occasionally you feel like trying something new. And that’s exactly how I came across this recipe over at A Dash Of Sanity! I wanted to find a new favorite, and this recipe turned out perfect.
It’s actually called Sicilian chicken soup and I love that – every time I make this, I imagine myself eating this in a family-owned, Sicilian restaurant. Serve with homemade biscuits or dinner rolls and you’ll get a hearty meal your whole family loves.

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