Hubbard (Actually Hubbell) House Dressing

At first glance, it might seem easy to confuse this salad dressing with some of its notably pink cousins, but really, it’s in a class all by itself. It has a whole lot of flavor going on; it’s subtly sweet with a slight tang and backed by just a hint of the sharp bite of onion. It’s truly great and I’m really glad I happened upon the recipe.

I’ve never heard of “Hubbard House” or a dressing by this name, so I’m not sure if this dressing was the “house dressing” of a family named Hubbard or the staple dressing of a restaurant named “Hubbard House.” The recipe listed below makes 6 whopping cups of dressing though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it did come from a restaurant. Keep that in mind when you make it; you might want to halve the portions! Update: A few people have commented that this is actually Hubbell House Dressing, which comes from a restaurant that dates back to 1854 in Mantorville, Minnesota. Now that I see it, I don’t know how I read it as “Hubbard” in the first place!

It has a base of mayo, Miracle Whip, and tomato soup that’s livened up with grated onion and sweet pickles, vinegar, chili sauce, and a little bit of sugar. It shares some similarities with Thousand Island and Russian dressing for sure, but it’s less cloying than Thousand Island and less sharp than Russian dressing. The grated onion mellows among all the other ingredients and provides just enough bite to back up some of the other sweet and creamy flavors. It’s a great dressing to have on hand and homemade dressing is just so much better than anything you can get in a bottle. I’ll definitely be making it again!


2 cups Kraft Miracle Whip
1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup tomato soup
1 small onion, grated
4 sweet pickles, grated
2 tablespoons vinegar
2 tablespoons sweet pickle juice
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon chili sauce


Mix together all ingredients until well incorporated. Chill until ready to use. Enjoy!

From: https://12tomatoes.com/hubbard-house-dressing

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