If Your Spouse Makes This Breakfast Macaroni And Cheese You Hit The Marriage Jackpot

Who knew that breakfast macaroni and cheese would ever turn out to be my new favorite recipe?!

I think it is safe to assume that macaroni and cheese is just about everyone’s favorite meal as a kid. I know I loved the stuff and my mother would make it often. There were even times that she would let us eat the leftovers for breakfast the next day. I have a very cool mom. Anyway, I got to thinking about how we could perfect this yummy meal and make it more of a breakfast item. Melady cooks figured it all out over on her food blog.
Breakfast macaroni and cheese is one of my most favorite recipes to date. It’s chock full of cheesy goodness plus yummy ground sausage.

I bet you are super excited to get this amazing recipe, aren’t you? Well, wait no longer because all you have to do is hop on over to the next page and all the details will be yours. Sounds like fun, eh?

I never realized how amazing macaroni and cheese was until i made it for breakfast.

Take a look at what my friend Audrey from the Melady Cooks food blog had to say about this magnificent recipe:
I set the pan on a rack to cool for a few minutes then served myself a small portion. Just to rate it. Wow, I loved it! It was sausage and biscuits.. and mac n cheese.. all in one bite. Absolutely a great idea for breakfast! And maybe a midnight snack…
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