Instant Pot Potato Salad

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This is the first time I used the pressure cooker to cook potatoes for salad. The potatoes turned out wonderful and was so simple to do, without cooking them in a large pot of boiling water. The rest of the salad recipe was right-on, and lends itself well to adjusting the ingredients to your personal tastes.

Made half a recipe (cooked two large potatoes) and cooked the potatoes in my Nordic Ware microwave pressure cooker for 8 minutes. There’s no waiting for the pressure to rise and fall as there is in a regular pressure cooker, and it’s great for preparing small quantities. The fresh dill is a nice addition to the mayonnaise-based dressing.

The recipe was very tasty! I left out the dill since my family doesn’t care for it, but otherwise it was great. I used smaller yellow potatoes (a little bigger than an extra large egg) and set them for 6 minutes in my Instant Pot. They were still a little hard in the middle after the suggested amount of time. I put them back in the pressure cooker for another 4 minutes and they seemed perfect. Next time I will let them cook for 9 0r 10 minutes before quick release. I think it’s just the difference between pots that made for this discrepancy.

Great recipe! Thank you!! I made the potato salad the first time exactly as written and it was very good. The second time, I increased the apple cider vinegar to 2 tsp and added about 1.5 Tbsp Maggi to the dressing ingredients and included a finely chopped baby dill pickle too. My husband and son both agreed that it was the best potato salad they have ever had! Definitely a keeper. (I used the Whole Egg Mayonnaise also found on this site, and it is wonderful in this recipe.)

Very good Potato salad, I used a 1/4 cup of Miracle whip with the mayo as we like it with a creamer texture and on the sweeter side, We like the potatoes pieces on the smaller size and 3 minutes was all it took to steam them. Surprised no one mentioned when steaming the potatoes just put the eggs on top of them and with the Insta-Pot set for 3 minutes with a quick release they come out perfectly hard boiled.

I made this for in my electric pressure cooker (Instant Pot) but used 3 quite large potatoes cut in half instead of the 6 medium. I set the potatoes in a steamer basket inside my pot and I cooked them for the 3 minutes recommended and natural pressure released for 7 minutes. They were not quite done so I pressured for 1 more minute, quick release. Perfect. It all depends on the size of your potatoes. For the onion hater in the house I used onion powder and followed the rest of the recipe as is leaving all measurements as written. Although I only had a small taste test I really liked this recipe. The amount of dressing was perfect for the amount of potatoes and I enjoyed the addition of dill. I used to boil my potatoes whole for potato salad but I actually prefer the pressure cooker method. Definitely a keeper in my book!


2 1/2 pounds red or new potatoes, peeled and cubed
1 1/2 cups water
4 large whole eggs (still in shells)

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