Irish Shepherd’s Pie – An Original Recipe By Our Celtic Friends

The days are getting longer and the air is getting cooler. Start making those fall/winter casseroles and freezing them for later.
My best friend taught me the art of freezer cooking about five years ago. Freezing cooking is when you take a day to basically cook and bake up a storm of meals and freeze them for later. I love this concept because it saves me a ton of time when I’m too busy to cook. All you do is pull out the meal and let it thaw or just pop it in the oven and cook from frozen. This authentic Irish shepherd’s pie is perfect for the freezer and reheating on a different day.

When I made this fine cuisine a few weeks ago I didn’t freeze it. We ate it for dinner that very evening, however, this time around I plan to make two casseroles and place one into the freezer for another night’s dinner.
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Photo and recipe courtesy of 100 Days Of Real Food.

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