It’s Impossible Not To Love These Flavors From Your Childhood

These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Cabbage Rolls – Or Are They?

Raise your hand if you’re a fan of cabbage! It’s one of my favorite ingredients in the world, which is kind of a big deal since I didn’t used to like it at all, as a kid. I would go into the kitchen and tell my mother the whole house smelled awful, whenever she was making cabbage soup or any cabbage dish, really. Poor Mom – I was definitely a picky eater when I was little!

But I think I was about 10 when grandma was staying over at our house and she wanted to cook dinner for all of us. She made her famous cabbage rolls and I just didn’t have the heart to tell her I don’t like cabbage. It’s weird, isn’t it? I had no problem at all telling my mother I hated it, but when it comes to grandmas I guess we all act a little differently!

Anyway, I’m really glad I decided to keep my mouth shut because it meant I had to give those cabbage rolls a try. And they were ridiculous. I mean that in the best possible way! They were so tasty I kept eating until grandma laughed and said I was probably going to explode if I had one more.

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