It’s Lick-Your-Spoon-Til-It’s-Clean With This Glorious Cheesecake That’s Cookies And Cream!

My family loves cookies and cream. We’re all addicted to ice cream and dessert that has that as a flavor. Those cookie bits in ice cream are just too good and sinful to resist. We couldn’t get enough of it every single time. This glorious cookies and cream cheesecake from Bake At 350 is as decadent as it can be. It’s simpler to make than most cheesecake, yet it tastes so good that no one will complain.

I was given these little pretty glasses a few weeks ago. A friend of mine visited from California and brought these glasses as gifts. I was tempted to use them for something because they’re too beautiful to remain in a box.

Fortunately, my husband craved for something sweet one night and I made him parfait, placing everything in one of the glasses. We enjoyed a midnight treat at the kitchen using these glasses. So when I found out about this cheesecake recipe from Bake At 350, I had the perfect excuse to use them again.

I served these cookies and cream cheesecake to my husband’s colleagues when they came over for a team meeting.

My husband decided that they would feel more comfortable in someone else’s home instead of in a restaurant or a coffee shop, so he volunteered our home. Everyone loved the cheesecake! They were perfect for that after work hours meeting.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Bake At 350.

Quick Tip: You can add chocolate shavings on top or chocolate chips if you like.


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