Lemon Crumble Squares

Enjoy the tangy, sweetness of homemade lemon curd sandwiched between buttery crumbles with these Lemon Crumble Bars.

I don’t usually like to play favourites, but this time I’m going to! This is by far one of my favourite recipes of all time. It’s no secret that I love lemons (I was one of those weird kids who would happily suck on a lemon… so strange!). And I’ve always loved making Lemon and Coconut Slice, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little change. A lemony change, if you will.

And it’s yellow. I love yellow. Yellow makes me happy. It is sunshine wrapped up in a color. Maybe that’s why I love lemon flavors so much. It makes me happy before I even put it in my mouth. And I’ve been writing recipes long enough to know that low-ingredient recipes can be deceiving. At first you think, “How can that be good with just that little bit in there?” But you go on and make it, hoping it will prove you wrong. And then it does. And it turns out amazing (usually.)

I grated some lemon zest and added it in with the cake mixture and also the egg with condensed milk mixture. On top of the filling, I put some fresh raspberries, then the crumble topping and baked it. All these additions made the bar very flavorful. Great to take to work and share. Would make these again.

I had to use a Butter Pecan cake mix, because that is all that I had on hand, but it turned out perfectly. the lemon flavor was good, and would likely be more intense with a blander cake mix like the yellow mix called for. Otherwise I did everything according to the recipe and loved it. I think I would intensify the lemon flavor a bit by adding some lemon extract or maybe a teaspoon or so of lemon zest The second time I made it with a white cake mix and added extra lemon zest and extract. Made it an even better dessert. All the grandkids loved it, even the youngest ones.


1 stick (1/2 cup) butter, at room temperature
1 cup brown sugar (lightly packed)…
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