Little Girl Defeats Arthritis & Lupus By Removing These 3 Things From Her Diet!

When 10-year-old Isabel first visited Dr. Mark Hyman, she had a severe case of an autoimmune disease considered to be a mixed connective tissue disease or MCTD. Her diagnosis included rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus. Her condition came along with several debilitating side effects, and her disease was considered incurable.

Isabel’s disease affected every part of her body. Her blood vessels, red and white blood cells, her liver and muscles, even her skin. Her skin was constantly inflamed, and she suffered from swollen joints and a swollen face. When Isabel visited Dr. Hyman, she was on steroids, aspirin and acid blockers. He explained that she was chronically “tired and miserable.”

The medications weren’t helping Isabel. Her former doctors recommend that she take a chemotherapy drug daily in order to suppress the activity of her immune system. While the drug could help reduce symptoms, it also adds a risk of cancer and even death from infection.

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