Luscious Coconut-Topped Cream Cheese Sheet Cake – It’s Fit For Royalty!

I don’t know about you, my dear ladies and gentlemen, but when spring and summer get closer I always tend to look for recipes with fresh and tropical flavors.

Maybe it’s because I am so bored of the winter already, that I want to do everything in my power to get to the sunny days as fast as possible! I look for these flavors in every recipe, whether it’s an entree, a side dish or a dessert. And cakes are definitely no exception! The other day I came across this delicious looking cake recipe and I knew I just had to give it a try right away.

It certainly didn’t disappoint! This super moist and dense cake is supremely decadent – the toasted coconut compliments it well. The cream cheese frosting is sweet enough but not too sweet and brings a great balance to this dessert.

I could eat a whole one – and who says I haven’t..! We’d love to hear how many pieces of this delicious cake you had at once unless you’re afraid to admit you had more than one!

Whoever can resist this coconut cream cheesecake is not human. seriously, unless you have some sort of allergy you cannot pass up a rich and creamy slice of this magnificent cake. It’s like the artistry of dessert. This cake is perfect for taking to parties because everyone will want a slice. Trust me. And, make sure you bring copies of the recipe with you because all who try this cake will want to know how to make it, too! I’m not even joking around guys and gals, this cake is da bomb.

This is a super delicious cake and it doesn’t even necessarily need the frosting!

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