Making This Creamy, Custardy Dessert Is Like A Walk In The Park

This Pie Is So Good, It’s Almost Surreal

You can say what you want but to me, banana cream pie is always going to be The Number 1, ultimate dessert. My mother used to make it on Sundays; I can still remember the feeling of anticipation when we were driving home from church, getting ready for our weekly family brunch, and we would always have pie, too.

It was either chocolate pie, apple pie with double crust, or banana cream pie. Needless to say, the nanner pie was my favorite! I swear, I could have eaten the whole thing on my own – actually, I’m pretty sure I tried that once when I was very little, but someone found out about my plan before I could execute it.

Which brings me to this question; now that I’m all grown up, why haven’t I made this pie just for myself? Even for once? I’d probably feel guilty for not sharing it with my family – although, they won’t be sad if they don’t know about it, right? You did not hear me say that.

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