Mama’s Country Baked Chicken And Dumplings – Love In A Pan

My mama was the ultimate cook when it came to preparing comfort food for me, my cousins, or anyone else that showed up at her door.
It didn’t matter if I brought three of my friends over to her house for dinner after school, she would always hop right up and make something in the kitchen in no time. I never understood how she could make such delicious meals so quickly, but I wasn’t going to complain! One day, myself, my sister, and my oldest cousin all showed up to her house early from school sick with the flu. We had been to a sleepover a few days later so we obviously had picked up the same sickness.
When she suggested food, we could barely hold our stomach contents in. She said, “Don’t worry girls, I know just what you need.” She went into the kitchen, and after we all took a short nap, she came out with this great smelling chicken and dumplings style casserole.
It was just like this one from Facebook. I went from not wanting to eat at all, to gulping down two whole servings! It was so tasty.

I went down for another short nap, and by the time my parents got there to take us home, I was already feeling much better. It was like a miracle food.

Now that I have the recipe, I can make this comfort myself at home. Of course, it’s never as good as what Grammy used to make. She always poured extra love and attention into everything she made though. Maybe someday, when I have grandkids of my own, I will be able to share the same experience with them that I used to have. For now, I just share this dish with my kids. It always goes over really well. Even when they are sick, they will request that I make this to help them feel better.
Make sure that you allow your final cup of chicken stock to soak in completely before enjoying this delicious dish!

4-5 large chicken breast, boneless
1 stick Land O’ Lakes real butter
1 1/2 c self-rising flour
1 1/2 c milk

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