Million Dollar Chicken – It’s Worth Every Taste Bud

In just 7 ingredients, you can have a chicken dinner so good it’ll make your head spin. Seriously, this million dollar chicken is truly a winner. Kinda like winner, winner chicken dinner! LOL!
I made this the other night for my family and they gobbled it up like hungry little turkeys. Now, wouldn’t that be a sight to see? Turkeys eating chickens.
Hmmm, sounds like it is straight from a horror movie. Okay, now that I’ve got some very graphic imagery in your head, let’s get down to business with this chicken, shall we? Million dollar chicken is very simple to make.
It requires minimal ingredients and time. You would think with a name like “Million Dollar Chicken” you’d be spending countless hours slaving in the kitchen with very expensive ingredients. Nope.
That’s not the case in the least. This is a perfect weeknight meal that pairs well with a variety of side dishes like mashed potatoes, green beans, or anything else you’d like to cook up.

Million Dollar Chicken certainly has a justifiable name. It’s worth every ounce of effort that you put into making it, with isn’t very much. By that, I mean, it’s super easy and tastes fabulous. Even if this meal was hard to cook, I’d still make it because of how yummy it is.

Check out what my pals over at Group Recipes had to say about this chicken dinner:

“You can freeze this as a dish. It tastes like a million dollars and yet is so easy and cheap!”

Indeed, this meal does taste like a million dollars but it’s very economical to make. I’d like to think that this is a budget-friendly dinner.

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