Mini M&M Cookies Will Make You Feel A Little Groovy

Are you a lover of cookies? How about M&M candies?
I love both of them and that is why the recipe on the next page is one of my favorites. Plus, these cookies are minis so they are super cute and you can get away with eating 2 or 3 at a time without ruining your diet haha! When the holiday season comes rolling around I enjoy making these yummy cookies and using holiday colors. As you can see by my picture I made a batch for Easter.
This recipe is great for little helpers. My kids love making cookies and placing the M&Ms in the dough…that is if they don’t taste test all of them. Enjoy!

Have a comment about this recipe? Maybe you made it and want to share how tasty it was. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. I always love hearing from you ?

I love these mini cookies. I think it is because I can trick myself into thinking that I can overindulge on them because they are small and small means fewer calories, right? LOL! Seriously, though, these mini M&M cookies are the bomb diggity. They are easy to make and you can personalize them with the color of M&MS that you choose to use. The ones I made were for a spring party so I used pastel colors.
I like to double the following recipe and freeze half of the batch for later. My kids enjoy grabbing a few cookies from the freezer to munch on when they want a homemade snack.
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