Moist, Rich, And Dense Holiday Sweet Potato Cake – A Country Classic!

Have you ever been in the mood for something new?

I was feeling that way the other day. I’ve been baking a lot and have thus far made cookies, pies, cakes, and rice Krispie treats. Everything I’ve made has been very good but also very common for this time of year.

So, when I ran across this sweet potato cake recipe I got really intrigued! I had never heard of sweet potato cake before, only pie. You would not believe how moist this dense cake turned out. It was like Thanksgiving had come early when I sank my teeth into the first bite.

And guess what? This sweet potato cake is not hard to make at all. In fact, it was one of the easier cakes that I’ve made in my day. I took a few slices over to my husband’s grandparents and they absolutely loved the cake.

At first, they thought I had made a pumpkin cake but when they learned it was sweet potato they were so surprised! This sweet potato cake is going on my Thanksgiving menu for sure. Enjoy!

You are really going to be surprised at the taste of this sweet potato cake. It is super yummy! You will be telling the pumpkin desserts to take a hike after you take your first bite of this yummy cake. The cake is super dense so make sure you eat your turkey dinner first BEFORE having this cake or else you won’t have any room for it in your belly!

I love your little tweaks! This sweet potato cake tastes great!

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