Mongolian Beef; here’s another Chinese take-out recipe that you can easily make at home. Mongolian Beef is one of the most popular dishes on many Chinese food restaurants in North America. As with many dishes we associate with Chinese food in this part of the world, it has almost nothing to do with authentic Chinese cuisine and is purely a North American invention.

Nonetheless people enjoy this dish for the delicate balance of sweet and salty which only the best restaurants get right. I’ve tried many recipes before and to my taste they fall on either the too sweet or too salty side of the fence; for my money, this is the best one I’ve tried yet.

Still, tastes vary and you may be more inclined to the sweet or salty side of the scale with a recipe like this one. My suggestion is to try this Mongolian Beef recipe as written and then adjust the brown sugar to add more sweetness or the soy sauce to add more saltiness the next time you make it.

The recipe is also very adaptable to any vegetables that you have on hand that you’d like to add to it. Steamed carrots, broccoli, snow peas or cauliflower would all be great as well. We always have to have the water chestnuts at our place though; my daughter Olivia insists on them!

While many recipes you may find for Mongolian Beef do not add any spicy element, I actually do prefer it with a little bit of a kick, but if this is not to your taste, the recipe works perfectly well without the added chili paste or flakes. If you want to avoid the frying method, this recipe works well as a stir fry too. See the note in the recipe for those instructions.

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