{MOST DELICIOUS}Butter Pecan Cake

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Wow. This cake was amazing! Some reviewers noted that there was way too much frosting. After looking at the ingredients (I normally use half that amount of butter and powdered sugar to frost a 2-layer cake), I decided to make 2/3 of the frosting recipe. I’m a frosting lover, so I piled it on, and I still had leftover frosting. I agree that you could half the frosting recipe and be just fine. Anyway, everyone loved this cake! One of my friends called it a “pecan sandie in cake form.” I’ll definitely make this one again.

This is a wonderful cake. I made it for my dad’s birthday and everyone loved it. I frosted it with a caramel frosting (butter, brown sugar, conf. sugar)- the one listed didn’t look very interesting to me. It was a perfect combination.

I Looove this cake. I make it a lot…I am a cake decorator and once someone samples this cake..it becomes their go to cake for anything!! The only changes I suggest..for a lighter, more airy texture is to use self-rising flour and omit the backing powder…or use cake flour…i believe 1 cup AP flour = 1 cup + 1 TB of cake flour. Anyways…great cake!! I looove it with a caramel filling and butter frosting or caramel icing too…yummm~!


The cake itself is amazing but only leave the pecans in oven 15 minutes. The icing was entirely too sweet and the recipe calls for way too much of it. I halved the icing recipe and have leftovers still. Also the icing was too thin and the pecans made it heavy so it didn’t stick well to the sides of my cake and ran off (it was refridgerated overnight before icing) I would probably opt for a less sweet buttercream icing and use leftover pecans to garnish. They aren’t cheap so I wouldn’t buy as much pecans either Next time. I didn’t have the round cake pans so used a 9×13 and added 10-15 minutes. I am definitely making this again just tweeking it to perfection.


2-2/3 cchopped pecans
2 csugar
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