My Mama’s Secret Iced Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

It took a while for me to develop the exact recipe, as my mother did not leave this one with us. She may have gotten her recipe from my father’s mother because he once said he used to eat cookies like these as a boy. Feel free to increase or decrease the number of spices. We like ours very flavorful. The spices are one thing that you can totally pick up on when you take your first bite of one of these yummy cookies.
If you are into fall flavors then these oatmeal spice cookies are right up your alley. They contain everything in them that would make you think of the autumn season. I love cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger.

When you put those three spices together in a recipe such as this one, amazing things happen in your mouth. You will definitely want to make a double or triple batch of these delicious cookies because they go really fast!

Would you believe me if I told you that these cookies are incredibly easy to make? Well, honey buns, they are! My brood of hungry people love these cookies! They are just like my grandma’s! Granny lives in another state so we don’t always get to eat her cooking like we used too. The cookies brought back a ton of sweet memories ? I’ll be making these again very soon!
Wouldn’t these make a darling Christmas gift? Just place them in a decorative tin. Cute!


1 c Land O Lakes butter, softened

1 c Domino sugar

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