No Yeast? No Problem!

I love bread. There, I said it. I am a true big girl at heart who loves buttery, flaky, delicious bread with every meal. Actually, sometimes the whole meal IS just bread. I just love how amazing a good piece of bread can be and wish I could have it with every dish I make. I always search to find a new and improved bread at my table, whether it is fresh or frozen. I have my favorites, but today I bring to you my absolute favorite. I love making bread, but most of the times, I end up buying bread from the bakery or my supermarket’s frozen section because it is annoying to make.

The worst part, for me at least, is working with the yeast. Sometimes it works, and other time it does not. If the water is not the perfect temperature from the start, the bread will not rise and I will end up with a soggy, ugly loaf of bread, and I hate that, really!

Does this happen to you, too? Well, no need to fear! Today I bring you my favorite dinner roll recipe and guess what?! It has no yeast involved so this one is a winner in my book!

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