Oma’s Brown Sugar Cookies Will Carry You Into The Clouds

I mean, chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate chunk, Reese’s, anything goes really! We were never fans of sugar cookies, but give them a chance every now and then. Last week, I decided to try an untraditional sugar cookie. It was a brown sugar cookie. Seems a bit strange, but I love brown sugar more than white sugar so I figured I would give it a go. And guess what? They were gooood. They were fluffy, soft and had loads of sugary goodness in them.

They were warm out of the oven and had a lovely crunch in them. The brown sugar really changes the texture of them, but for the better. After enjoying a whole batch on my own, I made another and took them over to my neighbor Anne’s house. She and her boys at home at them all throughout the time I was there.


But she gave me a great serving suggestion! They served it with vanilla caramel gelato and it was the perfect combination to enjoy with these cookies. You could also have them with a cup of coffee for another great afternoon treat. Either way, you are going to enjoy these.

Our afternoon treat of brown sugar cookies was truly the best. Your kids will love these and served with ice cream, there is no better way to enjoy it. Consider making these as a surprise for when your kids get home from school! I know my children would be ecstatic to get off the bus and see a big ‘ol plate of brown sugar cookies sitting on the table. Don’t forget the milk! Of course, if your kids are like my son they will want coffee.

It is an awesome idea to freeze these and them enjoy them later. It is a great way to get all the work done early and then eat the rest at another time.
Who wouldn’t want to pull a fresh cookie out of the freezer at any time?


Cooking spray
1 1/4 cup Domino brown sugar, firmly packed
1/4 cup water…

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