Only Recipe You’ll EVER Need For Chicken Legs

That Sauce Takes These To A Whole New Level Of YUM

My cousin is crazy about chicken legs and chicken wings. Whenever there’s a party or a family gathering, she always makes sure weeks before if someone is going to bring chicken legs. And believe me, if no-one else does, she will turn up with such a huge load of those that there will definitely be leftovers (for her, of course…) A few weeks ago we had another get-together and she told me she had found The Best Caramelized Chicken Legs Ever – and yes, her message was typed exactly like that.

She wasn’t kidding! The recipe she found was so amazing that our group of friends ate every single piece there was. There wasn’t a crumb left when we finished! After all the different recipes I had tried over the years, I thought there’s no way this could be any better than my old favorite. But, oh my goodness, these were absolutely delicious.

Now, I’ve only tried this with chicken legs so far, but those turned out amazing. I cannot wait to use the same recipe for pork ribs! I bet there won’t be any leftovers!

This recipe makes excellent appetizer wings, or if you’d like a full meal you could make these chicken legs and serve with potato wedges and steamed vegetables. Although, these are so tasty you may not need a side dish! Have you tried this recipe already? Don’t forget to let us know in the comment section, how it turned out for you.
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