Peanut Butter Stuffed Chocolate Cupcakes – Bites Of Bliss!

The BESTEST Cupcakes We’ve Ever Made!
I absolutely love cupcakes. I like them better than an actual whole cake.

One year, for my birthday, my mother surprised me with princess cupcakes that were made into the shape of a crown and frosted all together on a board or sheet pan of some sort. The colors were pink and purple with lots of sparkles. So pretty and yummy! Today, we aren’t making princess cupcakes but rather a peanut butter stuffed dreamboats lol!
These cupcakes are uh-mazing and they taste like heaven. I love biting into the cupcakes and getting a mouthful of peanut butter filling. Absolutely delicious!

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If you’re a peanut butter and chocolate fanatic then this recipe is for you! I love filled cupcakes and these yummy little guys are right up my alley. Now, this recipe does come with a frosting recipe but I opted not to use it. I’m cutting back on my sugar intake and decided I’d skip it this time. The cupcakes are filled with a peanut butter filling so I felt that was sufficient enough for my sweet tooth. You can do as you wish, though.
I won’t lie, these cupcakes take some time to put together. The process isn’t hard just time-consuming. Patience is a virtue ?
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