So…are you ready to stuff your faces? I.can’t.even.wait.

Corn casserole is a staple for my family on Thanksgiving. It is made every year and every year it is AWESOME. It’s incredibly simple and you can adapt it to make it healthier…if you would like. I would suggest not adapting it for Thanksgiving because let’s be honest, are we really trying to save calories on Thanksgiving? I think not. It’s a time to be thankful and indulge!

It can be made ahead of time. I repeat, it can be made AHEAD of time and then warmed up in the oven before serving. Winning! (I think we can still say that?)

It’s crumbly, dense, delicious and full of corn flavor. There are never leftovers of this stuff after Thanksgiving, it’s really a shame because it’s so good the next day too. Even if we made two batches, I still don’t think there would be leftovers. It’s that good person.

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