Pineapple-Peach Jam

I stumbled on this when I had an excess of pineapple and peaches. The resulting jam tasted a lot like duck sauce when warm, and it makes an excellent condiment to savory meals and accompanies chicken nicely. Cold, it’s also a delicious jam. Creates about 8 to 10 half-pint jars, depending on the size of your peaches and pineapple.

Outstanding is all I can say! I didn’t add the cherries as I wanted to keep the peach colour. I tasted it afterwards and wow…..I can’t wait to put this on a scone or bagel ! Yummy for the tummy! This will definitely be a keeper !

I have to preface this review with the admission that this is my very FIRST time making jam. I also bought the ingredients with the intention of making it several days ago (with my new pressure canner) but got too sick to do it until today. In the meantime, my teen & my tot started snacking on the ingredients! The recipe I ended up making is going to sound like I should just not bother to review, but I wouldn’t feel right about not reviewing. Please don’t hold it against me. 🙂 Okay, here goes… I had 3 peaches and ONE maraschino cherry left, along with two whole, fresh pineapples. The peaches gave me one cup, the two pineapple gave me 3 cups (which I ran through the VitaMix to “crush” it, then drained well) and the one cherry made the whole mixture look like an old-time can of fruit cocktail, where we all fought over the one cherry cut in half; even though I cut mine into six tiny pieces. 😀 I really wanted the cherry flavor though, so I took a chance and used 1/4 cup of the juice & reduced the lemon to 2 Tablespoons. I also ran out of sugar at 4 cups (using half regular & half baker’s sugar). I’m so sorry for all the changes & I definitely intend on making this recipe EXACTLY as written next time! As for today’s results, I’ve totally surprised myself! Not only did I get through the water bath with only 3 fingers getting steam burned and two loads of dishes, but my family is totally impressed that I successfully made this delicious jam! So far we’ve only tried it on toast, but I can’t wait to put it on French toast, pancakes & ice cream! Today’s Franken-version has a nice sweet & sour taste to it and the slightly chunky texture from some pineapple not getting pureed fully, is really pleasant.


8 overripe peaches, peeled and halved
1 ripe pineapple, peeled and cut into 1-inch pieces

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