Pure Country In A Casserole Pan: Biscuit And Gravy Bake

When my best friend was getting married, I was put in charge of the bachelorette party.
The only request that she had was that the guys and girls all ended up at the same place at the end of the night and that we had a lot of fun. That seemed easy enough until it was a few nights before the event and I started thinking about what we were going to eat the morning after the festivities. I knew that after golfing for the guys and shopping and makeovers for the girls, we weren’t going to have a lot of extra money for food.

That’s when I found this recipe on Facebook. It sounded perfect. It was affordable, easy to make, and it fed a crowd. It went over even better than I had imagined. Everyone got their fill and continued on getting ready for the wedding day without any issues. This is a common casserole served at my house still to this day…I’m pretty sure my BFF makes it for her new husband still too!

This recipe is so good, but it’s also very simple so those picky eaters that you have that don’t like all the extra special ingredients are going to love this too. I have a two-year-old that doesn’t normally eat anything but cereal or pancakes for breakfast, but he loves this stuff. He will usually eat two helpings and then take a nice long morning nap. That’s what a mom loves to see more than anything!
Whenever we are hosting a brunch, this is my go-to meal. It’s so filling and there is a big enough pan to feed any hungry crowd.

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