Relax And Reminisce With Vintage Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

Chocolate mayo cake has completely changed everything I thought I knew about cake making.
I have made many cakes in my day but I have never made a mayonnaise cake. Have any of you ever done this? Apparently, it’s a vintage cake baking secret. I love vintage cake recipes so I am so surprised that it took me this long to figure this little gem of a tidbit out. Mayo makes a cake unbelievably moist and delicious. I normally add applesauce when I want a moister cake but I am hanging my hat up on that one and switching over to mayo.
When I first came across this mayo chocolate cake recipe on the Bless Us O Lord blog I thought it was a typo. I mean, who puts a sandwich spread in their cake batter? Smart bakers. You’ll soon see why when you make this lovely cake for yourself.
Are you excited about making this recipe on your own? Hop on over to the next page and get the details. Enjoy!

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