Remove THESE 6 Foods To Fight Inflammation!

‘Chronic inflammation.’

It’s a phrase you see quite a bit around the internet. Like all buzzwords, it tends to lose its weight with frequent use. But make no mistake – chronic inflammation is a very serious thing. Scientists have actually linked it to America’s deadliest diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke and cancer.

With that in mind, it’s not all that hard to see why such conditions are so common in America. Just take a look at the American diet; it’s absolutely filled with inflammatory foods and ingredients. Let’s take a look at the worst offenders, shall we?

6 Common Inflammatory Foods To Avoid

#1 – Fried Foods

High temperature cooking sparks the formation of advanced glycation end products. Your body treats these compounds as foreign and responds with – yup, you guessed it – inflammation. After all, inflammation is simply your body’s response to a perceived infection.

Think about that the next time you feel like biting into a piece of fried chicken or shoving French fries into your mouth.

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