Ridiculously Easy 3-Ingredient Dip For Your Holiday Parties

A Lazy Cook’s Dream Appetizer Recipe!

A few weeks ago my sister asked me to help her out with the preparations for her upcoming get-together. A group of parents from her kids’ school had decided to organize a charity event, and my sister had invited everyone over for a casual meeting. She didn’t want to go overboard with the food so we decided to look for recipes that are both, inexpensive and easy to make.

I told her I had this incredibly easy dip recipe that I got from a lady at church, and when my sister heard it was for French onion dip – and only three ingredients, she immediately said: “We’re having it, for sure!”

I was glad she chose this one because I knew it would be easy to double or even triple, if needed. The French onion flavor also goes together with a variety of different sides; I have served this dip with vegetable sticks, crackers and chips. One time I even used this as a spread when I was making sandwiches; they turned out awesome!

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