Roasted Garlic Mushrooms

Garlic Butter Mushrooms are a quick and impressive side dish that are a staple for meals in our house where steak is served. They roast in the oven just like your favorite vegetables would and after a quick toss in some butter they are ready to be served.

This Garlic Butter Mushrooms recipe is so popular in our house even people who swear they hate mushrooms always end up taking seconds. It also happens to be a perfect basic recipe for how to cook mushrooms for other dishes.

When it comes to preparing these mushrooms I just brush the tops of them clean and cut a tiny bit off the bottoms of the stems. As a kid I used to watch my mom peel the tops of the mushrooms completely off so I thought that was the way to clean them until I was working along side a chef who saw me peeling the tops of the mushrooms in horror and asked me what I was doing. Since learning I didn’t have to peel the tops I use mushrooms much more often now, they take almost no time at all!

Here are a few ways you can use these Garlic Butter Mushrooms in other ways:

Brown some chicken breasts in a skillet, deglaze with a bit of white wine and chicken stock then add these mushrooms to the pan.
Chop or slice up the mushrooms and add them as a topping to your favorite burgers.
Add them to omelets, they’re the perfect filling.
Cut some puff pastry into 3-4 inch squares, spread with cream cheese (leave a half inch border) and pile these mushrooms on top of the cream cheese. Bake in a preheated 400 degree oven for 18-20 minutes and serve as an appetizer.
Top some crostini with some of these mushrooms and some blue cheese crumbles.

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