Salted Pretzel Caramel Brownies

I just made these. Didn’t have any nuts so didn’t use them but i love nuts so would use them if i had them. Also I only had a brownie mix not a cake mix so that’s what I used. And lastly I only had milk chocolate chips but OH MY thay are still so good. I didn’t understand how you could bake one layer first & then add another layer & bake some more that the bottom layer wouldn’t be too done, but it wasn’t. Very good & I’m sure it is great just the way it is written. I didn’t change the recipe intentionally, just had to go with what I had on hand.

Amazing! Have made this recipe exactly as listed here for years and have never once been disappointed. This is my bodybuilding husband’s cheat dessert and a family favorite!

Great brownies. I’ve been making them for years off of my mother-in-law’s recipe card. Was so glad to find it here when I couldn’t find my recipe card. I substituted two cups (an 11 ounce package) of caramel bits for the wrapped caramels. And I discovered that an 11 ounces package of the caramels you have to unwrap has 40 caramels in it, A little less than some recipes that call for 50, but it works. Plus, two thirds of the batter that supposed to go in the pan is a little more than one and a half cups, in case you’re not in the estimating. 🙂 One last tip to myself, a small can of evaporated milk is enough for the two thirds of that’s required for the recipe.

I made this recipe as written. They are amazing! Only thing I would change is to use a smaller pan. Because you’re not adding all the ingredients like for a cake, there just isnt enough dough to fill the 9×13 pan. They’re just too thin. Love them, but would like them thinker. I will definitely make again and again!


• 1 box Betty Crocker fudge brownies (for 9×13 pan)
• 2 eggs

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