Saucy Baked Sweet Potato Wedges Are All The Rage This Holiday Season!

Thanksgiving is once again just around the corner.
I’ve been slowly but surely getting my meal plan put together for the big dinner. We are making a trip up to my mother and father in law’s home this year and I insist on cooking the meal. It’ll be so weird not cooking in my own kitchen. Plus, my father and mother in law are complete neat freaks so I need to be super careful I don’t scuff up their kitchen with my cooking shenanigans.
Oh, the agony of having to be a “clean cook!”

One of the things I am considering making are these delightful little sweet potato wedges. They are super yummy and very easy to make. We all love sweet potato casserole but I think these wedges just might be a better choice for this year’s dinner.

However, I could always make both. I mean, Thanksgiving is about eating like a glutton, right?

My kids love these potato wedges far more than they love eating a baked sweet potato or mashed. I think the wedge shapes are fun for children and inspire them to eat their veggies ? Plus, these little wedges are coated in a sweet sauce that everyone, kids included, will enjoy. I really like these sweet potato wedges and I intend to make them again and again.
This recipe truly is quick and easy to make!

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