Savory Steak Tips With Peppered Mushroom Gravy – Bring Them To The table With Glee!

Nothing beats a savory plate filled with delicious beef tips and eggs noodles. Oh, and gravy, there must be gravy involved, too. I am totally smitten with these yummy beef tips and I know you will be too once you give this recipe a go. The gravy is chock full of mushrooms and seasoned with black pepper. My husband really liked this meal and so did my kiddos, except the kids picked out the mushrooms. Oh well, more for me!
I took some of this food down to my husband’s grandparents to enjoy and they said it was almost as good as grandma’s haha! I’ll take that as a compliment.

This meal is great for serving when you are expecting company as almost everyone loves it. Enjoy!

I love the bold flavors in this recipe. The beef tips taste amazing when smothered in the black pepper gravy, yummo! Serving the steak over egg noodles is the way to go, man. However, if you have rice on hand that can be used as a suitable substitute. Rice actually tastes pretty awesome, too because really soaks up the gravy and flavor of the beef, well. Use what you have on hand and enjoy this miraculous meal.
Check out what my pal Doris had to say about this recipe:
This is one recipe that I simply cannot live without.
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