Semi-Homemade: Peaches & Cream Coffee Cake

There is nothing better to have in the morning than a warm slice of this amazing cake!

Let’s face it, while we would love to wake up every morning and be able to create wonderful pastries elaborate breakfast dishes there are some days, even for the best of chefs, that there is simply not enough time.

So we have to do what we have to do and that includes using some items that we may not ordinarily use…like box mixes. Now, don’t get me wrong we are not opposed to box mixes at all, they serve a purpose and that is reserved for a moment like this.  So we will take what we have and spruce it up a bit and create something that is truly wonderful and delicious.

So keep reading to find out how we can take an ordinary box of cinnamon streusel mix and turn it into this fabulously delicious peaches and cream coffee cake!
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